Lily's Homemade

November 22, 2017

Fans of chunky sausages might want to check out Lily's Homemade, which prides itself primarily on products independently made with premium pork, free of nasty chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics.

The range of handmade pork sausages comprises multiple flavours, offered in 500-gram packs that mostly cost RM30 each. Inspirations span East and West, leaping from Thai-influenced sausages laced with Southeast Asian herbs and spices to a back-to-basics version that conveys the simplicity of garlic and black pepper.

The sausages offer rustic textures and sufficient flavour for a home-cooked meal. If you'd like a bit of extra juiciness, try the Bacon and Cheese sausages (RM33). Chicken and beef sausages are available too, as are streaky bacon and beef burger patties. The sausages, constructed with natural hog casings, are also made without preservatives, MSG and gluten. 

For ordering and delivery options, see facebook.com/Lilys.Homemade

Thanks to Lily's Homemade for this treat.