Lee Lo Mei & Dragon Noodles Academy @ Hong Kong

May 6, 2017

Classic Hong Kong cuisine reinterpreted to channel contemporary cool: Check out Lee Lo Meis claypot salted egg yolk rice, crusty & fragrant, crowned with pork head meat sausages & sweet soy sauce, coupled with creative cocktails like the Bloody Victoria (Bols genever gin, tomato juice, shaoxing wine-infused kaffir lime leaves, chillies, anchovy spice salt) & Brittle Fashioned (peanut butter rum, shaoxing wine reduction, chocolate bitters), served in a intricately colourful & vibrant setting ...

... followed by Dragon Noodles Academys rock lobster claw lo mein, submerged in a soup whose stock is boiled with whole lobsters, carp & sea bream, finished with mirepoix & brandy, complemented by cocktails like the Kungfu Milk (blended with nutmeg & condensed milk) & Gwei-Lo pale ale, in a sleek, stylish space.