Laguna Mabuhay Philippine Restaurant

January 29, 2014

Returning for some more unique Filipino fare at Laguna Mabuhay. Earlier entry: August 20, 2013.

Meaty soul food: Bicol Express, a simple but satisfyingly comforting combo of spicy pork with chilies & coconut milk. Tastes like pleasant home-cooked fare.

Bistek Tagalog, fried beef with onions & soy sauce. Not mind-blowing, but palate-pleasing.

Pork Menudo, a stew flavoured with pig liver (tasty!), made wholesome with tomatoes & other veggies.

Need more liver? Try the Kalderata chicken (RM15), the epitome of home-made stew, featuring fowl cooked with carrots, potatoes & hot peppers in tomato sauce laced with a lovable liver spread.

Something simpler but still satisfying: Halabos na hipon (RM30), fresh prawns sauteed with salt, oil & a splash of soda.

Tinolang Manok, a gingery chicken soup, light & a little peppery, fairly mild-tasting.

Leche Flan, essentially creme caramel. Sweet & custard-smooth, an enjoyable finish.

Laguna Mabuhay,
3, Jalan Gereja, Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily through 9:30pm

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