La Suisse

September 29, 2010

Despite having stood the test of time, La Suisse has seen better days _ the signs of fading are clear, though the most troubling aspect is the absence of customers for dinner.

True, the food here won't win any awards, but service is brisk, the setting is calm and the menu contains enough choices to warrant repeat visits.

Pumpkin soup. Not bad, but not the creamiest or most aromatic in town.

A generous portion of white asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Thick and tender.

Cheese Malakow (deep-fried Swiss cheese). Quite addictive; the batter was crisp and not oily at all, while the cheese stuffing was piping-hot and gooey.

Raclette. Basically melted cheese. Could have been more flavorful and creamier.

Scallops with saffron sauce & caviar. Another surprisingly hearty serving. The scallops were plump and juicy, making up for the nonexistent scent of saffron.

Poached halibut with gruyere cheese. Healthy, but a bit too bland, since the milky sauce was very mild-tasting. The fish itself was moist but unmemorable.

Pan-fried rainbow trout. Nicely deboned; the coating of almond added a nuttiness that complemented this succulent fish perfectly.

Zurich-style veal with rosti. Drenched in an overpoweringly salty sauce.

Hot red wine cherries with vanilla ice cream. The cherries coulda been sweeter.

Grand Marnier iced souffle. Tasted like regular vanilla ice cream, frankly.

La Suisse,
Plaza Damansara.