La Mallorquina

March 11, 2012

Spain, Part V: A classic bakery-cafe that never seems to lack crowds.

After choosing your cakes and pastries, grab a table upstairs overlooking Puerta del Sol, Madrid's equivalent of Times Square.

Milhojas. The Spanish version of mille-feuille, with a gloriously thick midsection of fresh cream. The perfect morning pick-me-up.

Puff pastry with icing. Dozens of confections are available; it's like Christmas in here everyday. We struggled to narrow our selections to just a few items.

Palmeras glaseadas. Warm & fresh-tasting. Kinda like glazed doughnuts.

Empanadillas. Soft & fluffy. But gosh, look at all the sugar coating it.

A little coffee to send us on our way for sightseeing...

La Mallorquina,
Madrid, Spain.