La Bodega Lounge @ Bangsar

February 15, 2009

Whenever La Bodega's Telawi restaurant gets too boisterous, the lounge upstairs offers a retreat to (relative) serenity.

It's more comfortable than the restaurant and has the same menu, but most customers prefer the razzle-dazzle downstairs.

So many cocktails to choose from. Tequila Sunrise and Bloody Mary.

Green Monkey (AGWA, banana liquor, sprite), Spaniard Appleberry Crush (tio pepe, apple sourz, strawberry puree, lime juice _ my favourite of the night), Apple Mojito (green apples, bacardi, brown sugar and mint leaves).

La Bodega Lounge,
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.
Tel: 2297-3808.

P.S. Happy belated Valentine's Day!
Pic features Shantini Venugopal and Junji Delfino performing at Torch Song Massacre @ Annexe Gallery, Feb. 13. A very entertaining three-hour extravaganza of sad and silly love songs. :D

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