La Bodega @ Bangsar Shopping Center

December 18, 2009

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Goose liver pate with chutney on toast. Tasted weirdly tuna-ish.

Seared salmon trout with spicy harissa. Fresh and moist.

Saffron angel hair pasta with beef ragu, ricotta & marjoram sauce. The pasta and the ragu were brilliant separately, but the combo tasted a bit too rich.

Green Monkey (AGWA, banana liqueur, lemonade) and Sweet Sting (kahlua, bailey's, white creme de cacao, milk, flavoured powder).

Gold Digger (Ponche Caballero, apple sourz, lemon, mint, apple juice) and U Make Me Hot (Absolut Pepper, Malibu, mango, pineapple juice).

La Bodega,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.

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