KyoChon Malaysia @ 1 Utama

December 10, 2013

South Koreas fried chicken chain has finally spread its wings (literally, in this case) to Malaysia.

K-pop meets K-poultry: Some folks have nicknamed this Super Junior Chicken amid expectations that the Korean boy band, who double as poster boys for KyoChon, will personally meet & greet ecstatic fans next month at this 1 Utama restaurants official launch.

Naturally, its the meat, not the music, that matters for this entry: KyoChon delivers fresh fowl crisply double-fried in canola oil on order.

Our best bet: Honey-coated chicken, well-measured in sweetness, satisfying in succulence, convincing in crunch. RM9.90 before taxes for a three-piece mix of drumstick, drumette & wing.

KyoChons original recipe version proves a little less distinctive than expected, but its still enjoyably slicked up in soy-garlic glaze & notably not as greasy or salty as most fried chicken.

The hottest wings here? The spicy ones smothered in a sauce made of Korean red chili peppers.

Fiery fare, perhaps best eaten with KyoChons firm-grained buttered rice as an accompaniment.

Bone-free strips of chicken breast, dubbed sal sal, blanketed in a unique rice-flaked batter, with jalapeno dipping sauce. More moist than flavorsome, for better or worse. RM10.90 for five pieces.

Side dishes include a simple salad with blueberry sauce, somewhat overpriced for RM16 ...

... & steaming-hot chicken soup with rice cakes, clocking in at a more reasonable RM6.90.

Main courses comprise the likes of dak galbi-style chicken with kimchi fried rice & egg.

Roasted barley or corn tea make up the beverage menu (no booze, boo!). Also worth adding: service is friendly & fairly fast; all in all, a solid entry to this mall (& more malls soon, we hope).

KyoChon 1991 (near Cold Storage)
Lot 311, Lower Ground, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

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