Kupu-Kupu @ Tengkat Tong Shin

March 23, 2010

This alfresco rooftop restaurant in a recently opened boutique hotel offers a serene escape from the bustle of the city.

If you kidnap some people, blindfold them and whisk them here, they might be hard pressed to guess that they're at Tengkat Tong Shin.

Alas, the menu isn't as inspiring as the setting. The fish & chips are mind-bogglingly cheap at RM8, so it's no surprise that the battered fish is thinly sliced and over-fried, the chips are stiff and too salty, while the coleslaw tastes like it languished in a fridge for weeks.

The house vegetarian pizza fares better, with lots of gooey cheese and wide-ranging toppings on a crisp crust. Not spectacular, but totally OK for RM13.

Wines by the glass cost below RM10. Perfectly drinkable; value for money.

So come for the gorgeous, mosquito-free ambiance, not the food. Order chicken wings with chilled white wine, and simply soak in the atmosphere on a cool evening. Customers who crave a cocoon of privacy might be fortunate enough to have the entire place to themselves.

Anggun Kuala Lumpur, Tengkat Tong Shin.
Tel: 2145-8003