Kristao @ Asian Heritage Row

March 6, 2009

Despite being originally from Malacca, I haven't had much experience with Eurasian Portuguese cooking. And even though Kristao is reaaaaally close to my office, I've only been here a couple of times.

Devils on horseback (grilled beef bacon rashers wrapped around banana slices). This seemed like a weird combo to us, but it worked really well!

Portuguese baked fish (white barramundi stuffed with spices, tumeric and kaffir lime leaves). The fish tasted so fresh, I could have believed it was prepared right after a fisherman on the Malaccan coast brought it ashore.

Kristao fried rice mixed with beef vindaloo. Another smash hit, fragrant and flavourful.

Irish Coffee Custard (Irish coffee and whiskey made into a custard with whipped cream). This was nice but really sweet. Two spoonfuls are enough to send you into sugar shock.

Virginity Pop'd (red wine, lychee liquor, sprite) and Wild Sangria (blend of red wine, strawberries and mango).

Asian Heritage Row.
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