Komura @ Corus & Uzen @ Concorde

September 6, 2012

Komura and Uzen, two hotel-based Japanese restaurants in the city center, have long kept a low profile, receiving scant attention despite their charms.

First up, Komura at Corus Hotel, built to resemble a Japanese village site. Customers are seated in small rooms with sliding doors that can be completely shut. Not convenient for claustrophobia, but perfect for privacy.

Spinach with bonito flakes. Traditional fare is the highlight here, matching the ambiance.

Cuttlefish dressed with spicy cod roe. Slippery & savory; slurp it up in silent ecstasy.

Whitebait with grated radish. An acquired taste; might be too briny for some.

Sashimi. A hearty selection, sufficiently fresh and flavorsome.

Warm sake to complement a simple but satisfying meal.

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Next up, Uzen at Concorde Hotel, worth visiting for its beautifully calm setting and wide, well-prepared range of recipes.

Crunchy cucumbers and carrots, with an amazingly addictive miso dip. We had to restrain ourselves from pleading with the service team for more of the sauce.

Soft-shell crab, lightly dusted with chili powder. More sodium-laced than expected, but redeemed by the irreproachably crisp batter blanketing meaty crab meat.

Unagi omelet. Protein-packed comfort food, soft and warm.

Jumbo eggplant with miso paste. Luscious, with plenty of flesh to scrape out.

Sizzling ox tongue teppanyaki, tender and peppery.

Foie gras with winter melon. Might work better if the melon is mushier.

Soba with pomfret. Simple but elegant, featuring clean, fresh flavors.

Salmon skin maki. As satisfying as it looks _ nothing more, nothing less.

Shogun (sake, vodka, lemon, pineapple) and Last Samurai (shochu, melon, lemon).

Robertson Winery Pinotage and Chardonnay (South Africa).

Grab a table by the windows for a first-floor view of the traffic snarl outside.





Komura @ Corus Hotel,
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Uzen @ Concorde Hotel,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.