Kobe Gyu Taku

September 26, 2010

In a district booming with Japanese eateries, this one specializes in grilled beef.

Couldn't resist the Tokusen Gyusashi, a luscious recipe comprising tender raw beef with a quail egg. A puny portion, but supremely satisfying in both taste and texture.

A selection of Wagyu rib-eye & short ribs for the BBQ.

Sizzlingly succulent stuff, with a full-flavored beefiness to thrill meat-lovers.

Beef organs _ such as the heart _ are also available for the yakiniku.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tongue, lightly seasoned with natural salt.

Bibimbap. A bit bland compared to versions at top Korean outlets.

Sesame and citrus-flavoured ice cream for a cold finish.

Wine is available here, but only by the bottle.

Kobe Gyu Taku,
52, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya.