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October 17, 2015

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Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month with 10 Juicy Burgers

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month! What better way to celebrate the occasion than with some irresistible meat-free delights? We know many of you crave juicy burgers, and the food connoisseurs at KindMeal.my have scouted high and low for some of the best meat-free ones in town, so you can indulge heartily with a guilt-free conscience!

Here are 10 popular hangouts with finger-licking meat-free burgers, perfect for your health, environment and of course, saving precious animal lives. Many of them offer exclusive KindMeal deals, so you can even enjoy instant discount with free coupons!

 1.    RGB & The Bean Hive, Jalan Ampang

 RGB stands for Rather-Good-Beans, serving “Real-Gourmet-Burgersâ€�. Experience their signature Hearty Har Har Burger, packed with “Oomph!â€� from the dripping guacamole sauce on their soft chunky textured and dulcet-flavoured patties.

Their KindMeal set comes with a cup of Premium Iced Lemon Tea, and a choice of side salad or fries. A carb-free version is available, substituting the buns with vegetables.

Enjoy 40% off with RGB's KindMeal coupon:

2.    Big Hug Burger, Subang Jaya

Want to enjoy a big, soft hug from a cuddly life-sized Teddy Bear? Chill out at Big Hug Burger with comfy sofas and artfully decorated walls while enjoying a huge, juicy vegetarian burger with fluffy buns!

Craft your own burger with ingredients such as fried eggs, fried oyster mushroom with cereals, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and  teriyaki sauce, served with crispy fries and a free flow of carbonated drink.

Enjoy 33% off with Big Hug Burger's KindMeal coupon:

3.    Chilli Rush, Jaya One

The cozy set-up of Chilli Rush would make you feel comfortable while sweating through the spicy experience. If you are courageous enough, go for their Chili Rush Challenge, the meat-free style.

Their KindMeal deal features a vegetarian burger prepared with soft gourmet sesame seed buns, chickpea vegetarian patty, topped with relish. The deal additionally comes with vegan nachos loaded with their signature sauce and a refreshing plate of Caesar salad.

Don't forget to experience their signature Chilli Rush vegetarian chicken wings with up to Level 10 in spicy sauce, cheesy spinach pasta and vege pizza!

Enjoy 28% off with Chilli Rush's KindMeal coupon:

4.    Einstein Cafe, Jalan Sultan

 Einstein's E = mc­2 is applied in all aspects of life, and that includes the culinary world too. Be warned as you sink your teeth into Einstein Cafe's Cheesy Egg burger. This set is served with crispy fries and any drink of your choice.

Other meat-free promotions featured include Asam Vege-Fish Ric, Vege-Rendang Bento, Vege-Chicken Fried Rice and Carbonara Spaghetti.

Enjoy 48% off with Einstein Cafe's KindMeal coupon:

5.    VSalad Cafe, One City USJ

 Burgers come in creative varieties at Vsalad in One City USJ, from the all-time favourite Mushroom Burger to the healthy Pumpkin Burger and East-West fusions of Kimchi Burger, Tempeh Burger and Curry Potatoes Rice Burger!

With KindMeal's discounted meal voucher, you can order to your heart's content, not just for these scrumptious burgers but also other signature items like tofu vegetable wrap, veggie balls and falafel wrap.

Enjoy 30% off with Vsalad's KindMeal coupon:

6.    Green Meadow, SS2

 "You are what you eat." —Green Meadow strongly believes that health can be built through proper diet and lifestyle. Don't worry, you won't wake up as a burger even if you ate one.

Experience the goodness of their wholesome homemade vegetarian burger filled with alfalfa sprouts, crunchy fresh cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, soy and potatoes, sandwiched in whole meal buns.

The burger is not part of their KindMeal deals though – if you wish to take advantage of their promotions, do check out their signature Hakka Lei Cha or Korean Bibimbap deals, served with organic soy milk.

Enjoy 30% off with Green Meadow's KindMeal coupon:

7.    WTF Restaurant, Bangsar

This eye-catchy, unforgettable name never fails to stretch people's imagination. If you are still wondering, WTF stands for "What Tasty Food" of course. What else could it be?

Packed with healthy vegetables, cheese and a juicy patty, this is one of the signature meals at WTF which offers a fusion of Indian and Western cuisine. Hot favourites include Afghani Paneer Surprise, Corn Tikkis, Mirchi Cheese Toast, Pav Bhaji and Pani Puri. If you would like to be surprised, just go with their mysterious WTF Specials – Something, I Don't Know, Anything and Whatever!

WTF Restaurants is currently structuring promotions for KindMeal. Meanwhile, you can check out their restaurant profile and menu at:

8.    myBurgerLab

 myBurgerLab is certainly one of the coolest burger joints in town. No short cuts, with one simple objective — sell good, juicy quality burgers on fresh buns Malaysian-style.

myBurgerLab has kindly introduced Vegetarian burgers tailored for the Eco- and Animal-Lovers, including Vivien's Husband, Shroom Shroom Shroom and Tofu Swisstake.

Ask their staff if you're curious about Vivien's Husband. It's a whole Portobello, deep fried and topped with a Pineapple ring, Cheddar Cheese and Mango Mayo. Fruity, crunchy and juicy, who wouldn't want to marry that?

Find out more on their creative meat-free burgers at:

9.    Huckleberry Food & Fare, Bukit Damansara

This heavenly vegetarian burger at Huckleberry Food & Fare is a flavourful combo of sweet, savoury, tangy, soft and crunchy all in one bite. 

Forget all the dining courtesy and start digging into this sexy burger with your hands! The purple-tinged patty is made of brown rice, black beans, sweet potatoes and walnuts, topped with avocadoes & Sriracha sauce.

Breads, danishes, cakes and pastries are served at their shop too. More reviews of Huckleberry's meat-free offerings are available at:

10. Nando's

Did you know that there are hidden gems of Peri-licious vegetarian meals at Nando's?

Popular among vegetarians is their Black Mushroom & Sweet Chilli Burger, paired with herbed fries. Our connoisseurs recommend ordering the burger with their “Not-So-Brave� Lemon & Herb sauce, then top it with their Garlic and Extra Hot Peri-Peri sauces for the most delightful blend of taste and spiciness!

Nando's Veg PERidise menu section also features vegetarian pita and wraps.

Delicious KindMeal foodie reviews of Nando's are available at:

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A single cow emits as much greenhouse gas as a car driving 12,000km per year – now multiply that by 1,500,000,000 of them. Animal farming also leads to global food crop shortage and significant wastage of water, both of which can be more efficiently and directly used for humans.

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This post was brought to you by KindMeal.my