Kikyo Jen @ Puchong

May 25, 2013

Kikyo Jens attraction: All-you-can-eat weekday lunches & dinners that currently cost RM39.90+, a fair price but not a steal, considering whats served.

The selection comprises some 80 choices, mainly stomach-stuffers. Sashimi is restricted to salmon & albacore (though tuna is sometimes available), not too generously portioned, basically of regular buffet standards.

Highlights of the maki section: Spider rolls & spicy ebi, competently executed.

Shishamos a safe bet here, addictively fried or acceptably grilled.

Shriveled salmon & mussels? Edible, but not exactly a happy sight.

Tempuras well-prepared though, crunchy-juicy & not crazy-oily.

Battered dishes dominate, from chikuwa to calamari, small shrimp to big ones.

Skip the tofu; its pretty pointless. Note that Kikyo Jen is expected to boost this menu to a hundred items in June; prices will likely change accordingly.

The list goes on: chawanmushi, gyoza, yakitori, yakiniku, handrolls, ramen, udon & soba.

Ice cream saves the day (sorta): Black sesame, green tea & wasabi. In the end, it is what it is; lets avoid needlessly declaring that wed rather spend xxx more ringgit & have the buffet at xxx Japanese restaurant instead.

A free flow of Coke & green tea is supplied; plus, for every four customers, a complimentary 150ml carafe of sake (remember to remind them).

Kikyo Jen,
10, Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong.
Tel: 03-8060-1766