Kiku Zakura @ Berjaya Times Square

May 6, 2009

An outlet hidden in a desolate corner of Berjaya Times Sq, far from prying eyes.

Complimentary fishy appetisers arrived while we were still struggling to make our selections from the massive menu.

Namagaki Sushi (sushi topped with oysters and rolled in cucumber). 
I can't recall ever having oysters in such a fashion before. It proved to be a wondrous recipe _ a harmonious marriage of complex ingredients.

Kiku-Zakura Maki (their signature roll, wrapped in salmon and stuffed with prawn tempura and crabsticks). Bigger than rolls elsewhere. Nicely done, though the taste was predictable.

Shake Kama Nabe (a bowl of hot broth with salmon head and veggies). Another hearty serving. Worth ordering for fans of salmon head.

Sawanotsuru cold sake to wash down a surprisingly satisfying meal.

Kiku Zakura,
Berjaya Times Square.
Tel: 2145-1101