Kay Riches & JC's Pancakes

February 1, 2013

Checking out two outlets at Citta Mall, kicking off with Kay Riches.

Eastern comfort food's the cornerstone of this welcoming restaurant; this bucket of rice with braised seafood's like a successful cross between Chinese fried rice & paella.

Shang Mee stewed with seafood in Chinese rice wine soup. Being liquor-lovers, we'd probably have liked the flavor of the wine to be more potent in this.

Mercifully though, wine is available at acceptable prices by the glass here.

Next up, JC's Pancakes, which serves steaming-hot, 'apam balik'-style creations.

The guiltiest of pleasures, stuffed with bananas, peanuts, egg & cheese. Nice mix of sweet & savory flavors, crunchy & creamy textures.

About 20 varieties are available. Peanut butter alert: Chicken floss with peanut butter sounds like a turnoff to the uninitiated, but one bite & you might be hooked for eternity.

JC's Pancakes also has a branch at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus.

Kay Riches & JC's Pancakes,
Citta Mall, Ara Damansara.