Kaihomaru @ Starhill

July 2, 2013

Its the end of an era on Starhills Relish Floor, as Kaihomaru replaces Gonbei San as this malls main upmarket Japanese restaurant.

The name should sound familiar; this is run by the folks behind Federal Hotels Kaihomaru. Theyll be closing that outlet soon & focusing on this Starhill spin-off.
Entries on Kaihomaru @ Federal Hotel: Dec. 2011 & Dec. 2012.

Kaihomarus sashimi platter (RM168++) looks like a real brochure of oceanic pleasures.

Everythings reputedly flown in from Japan; the highlights the sea urchin, more mellow in flavor & creamier than expected.

Tuna fans, check out this bowl of rice topped with a triumphant triumvirate of akami red meat, chutoro medium-fatty flesh & otoro succulent-sweet belly. RM98++.

Mentaiko (RM28++), not fried but left beautifully soft & supple, spicy & savory.

Well-presented flatfish karaage (RM18++). Tender battered flesh & bones crisp enough to chew.

The sole, surprising letdown: Anago tempura (RM29++), conger eel that shouldnt taste so bland.

Complimentary creme caramel for dessert.

Liquor abounds here, from shochu to shochu cocktails, sake to umeshu.

Kaihomaru is open for lunch & dinner daily, with last orders at around 930pm.

Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.