Just Sear, Pandan Indan

February 8, 2021

Just Sear's Wagyu Burger meets the meaty mark with a thick, 150-gram patty that's billed as 100% pure wagyu beef, with a pleasant char and pleasurable chew, bolstered by tangy mustard, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, cheddar and mayo (RM35). Not a bad cheeseburger, with clean-tasting beef that crushes carnivorous cravings.

The sear isn't just about hooves and horns - feathered fowl is respectably represented by hearty Chicken Thigh Burgers. The meat may be a bit drier than expected, but for the price, this is a perfectly reasonable chicken-sandwich meal (two for RM27.50)

Just Sear's burgers are available for delivery from Pandan Indah.


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