Joy Ice Cream & Island Gelato @ New Zealand

June 17, 2016

Ice cream served in jars, layered with fruits, nuts, cake slices, cookie crumbs, whipped cream & hot sauce, may sound like a messy novelty, but Joy Ice Cream does justice to these Joyful Jars, creating enjoyable indulgences for the young at heart on Auckland's Quay Street - try one with a scoop of Hokey Pokey.

Gelato in Southeast Asian-inflected flavours like Kaffir Lime Coconut & Thai Basil Mandarin Orange might not sound like a typical treat on a New Zealand vineyard island, but Island Gelato on Waiheke manages to pull off a feat that has us licking our lips & our cones - refreshing desserts with a clean, perky purity of flavours that ring true in line with their inspirations.