Johnny Rockets Malaysia @ The Curve

October 31, 2013

Eagerly anticipated for months, Johnny Rockets blasted off at The Curve this week, the first Malaysian satellite of a California-based U.S. burger franchise.

 Ferociously sunny staff members _ nicknamed Rocketeers _ orbit this diner-style restaurant, their smiles remaining intact despite having to regularly dance in public to hot-blooded hits like That Thing You Do, The Twist & YMCA. A slice of Americana.

 Folks who loathe Chilis or TGI Fridays wont love Johnny Rockets. But theres primal satisfaction in biting down on a well-loaded burger.

 Bacon Cheddar Single, comprising a beef patty, beef bacon, cheddar cheese, coral lettuce, sliced tomato & white onions in a thickly dense potato bun (can be substituted for wholemeal). RM24.90++, comes with fries & a side salad.

Route 66, a beef burger topped with Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms & mayo. Chicken patties can be requested, no problem.

The pattys substantially meaty _ chunkier than most fast food joints _ but its qualities are debatable: Some will say its juicy enough, others will disagree; some will insist its somewhat salty, but objectors will point out that burgers were never for low-sodium diets.

 Fries show some skin. Pretty good actually; wed happily finish every fry, carbs be damned. 

 Add RM2.50 to upgrade the fries to either sweet potato fries ...

 ... or better still, crunchy-chunky onion rings. The coleslaw? Crisp.

 Not into burgers? No worries: Johnny Rockets also serves everything from Philly cheese steaks (with pepper jack cheese) to melt sandwiches & Caesar salads.

 The peanut-butter-&-choc milkshake (RM18.90++) had melted by the time we photographed it; while it might look terrible (our fault), it tasted terrific. Creamy & well-balanced in flavor, reputedly hand-spun with premium ice cream, whole milk & whipped cream.

Johnny Rockets Malaysia,
G52, The Street, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

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