Japanese-Swedish Fusion @ Daikanyama

October 14, 2013

Its the best thing to showcase a Scandinavian flavor since ABBA (or at least Roxette): Daikanyamas tenth quarterly experimental menu marries Japanese & Swedish cooking for October through December.

Stockholm Syndrome of a delicious sort strikes this "Gravad Sake" (RM18), salmon gravlax cured with bonito, served with kyuri & wakame.

Pizza Gubbrora (RM16): a base of gyoza skin topped with an "old mans mix" of boiled eggs, anchovy paste, dill, sour cream & Kewpie mayo. Fun finger food.

Svamp-miso-soppa (RM10), a hot cross between Japanese dashi-stock soup & Swedish mushroom broth, featuring fungi of the shiitake & shimeji varieties.

FiskGyoza (RM16), dumplings filled with mackerel & prawn meat instead of pork or chicken.

Katsu Wallenberger (RM18), something like a beef patty cutlet, showered with wafu dressing & served with red cabbage & lingonberry jam.

Not on the quarterly Swedish Journey promotion, but another hit from Daikanyamas laboratory-kitchen that might be available now: Teriyaki-sauce flavored gelato.

And what pairs better with weird food than weird cocktails, especially one with shochu & Vitagen.
Thanks to the folks at Daikanyama for this meal.

42, Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 6pm through late

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