Itik Bonda: Duck Deliveries

January 28, 2021

Duck deliveries to your doorstep: Itik Bonda offers a Malaysian matriarch's recipe for roast duck, best represented in the Set Nasi Suku (RM20), a serving of duck rice to feed one to two customers. 

The duck is air-dried for 18 hours, yielding crisp-skinned, punchy poultry to pair with fragrant rice.

This set features moist, plump meat, equivalent to a quarter-bird. 

Its inherent gaminess is sweetened with a side of plum sauce, rounded out not only with buttery rice but bok choy, cabbage soup and chilli onion gravy. 

Good enough for a fowl fix - Itik Bonda's no quack.

Itik Bonda


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