Ishin @ Old Klang Road

March 18, 2010

This Japanese restaurant had a rough start, but it seems to have found a steady footing now, with reasonably friendly, efficient service and decent food.

Complimentary appetizer of minced tuna & cucumber salad.

Tatami Iwashi (sun-dried baby sardines). A crisp, simple snack with a mildly salty flavour that goes well with sake. Healthier than potato chips, right?

Unagi Yanagawa (simmered eel with veggies). Pure comfort food; thankfully, the unagi retained its distinctive flavour without ever turning soggy.

Rice with Japanese curry. Another rustic recipe that tasted wholesome and nourishing, with a slight spiciness that might have been incorporated for Malaysian tastebuds.

Sukiyaki, brimming with succulent slices of Aussie beef in an aromatic broth.

Four kinds of ice cream: lavender, wasabi, citrus & melon. Refreshingly chilly, with subtle, delicate flavours, but less creamy than we might have preferred.

Tamano Hikari sake.

202 Persiaran Klang, Off Jalan Klang Lama.
Tel: 7980-8228

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