Inaho @ The Curve & Bon Sushi @ Solaris Mont Kiara

October 17, 2013

Taking a look at two Japanese eateries, beginning with Inaho, the sister restaurant of Minori; its a bright, cheerful addition to The Curve, with a hits-&-misses menu of everything from sashimi to skewered meat.

Good news first: Prices at Inaho are lower than Minori; not a surprise, since Inahos in a mall, while Minoris at the Royale Bintang Damansara hotel. Thus, a substantial serving of sea urchin costs only RM35++ at Inaho.

Not-so-good news: There might be a drop-off in quality here; three slices of chutoro medium-fatty tuna clocks in at RM38++ ...

... while top-flight otoro is a remarkable RM55++ for three thick pieces, but both fall a bit short of what the best cuts can be. Its a trade-off that could nonetheless prove fair for some customers, sacrificing some of the pleasure to ease some of the pain for the wallet.

No qualms though about endorsing sushi thats terrifically topped with salmon flesh & roe (RM6++ per piece).

But wed probably skip the could-be-fresher tsubugai whelk sushi (RM12++) ...

... & the surprisingly drained-of-flavor-&-juice anago sea eel sushi ...

... though the pretty-with-prawn sushi is alright. To nitpick further, the sushi rice here can seem somewhat dry & bland, forcing the toppings to struggle to compensate.

Whats next is nice, thankfully: Grilled yellowtail cheek (RM32++), firmly moist.

Grilled scallops with mentaiko cod roe mayo & mushrooms (RM18++). Tasty snack.

Mixed feelings about the skewer selection: Cant go wrong with the chicken liver & the garlic, or the devilishly slick chicken skin & the deliciously crunchy soft bone (though the latter is served with meat on the bones, strangely) ...

... but the bovine entries of Aussie Wagyu beef short rib & ox tongue prove too chewy-tough. Then again, the beef skewer only costs RM12++, less than half of what wed expect it to at several other outlets.

Sparkling sweet sake, perhaps not the ideal accompaniment for sashimi, sushi or skewers.

Sararitoshita Umeshu (try saying that five times fast).

Next stop, Bon Sushi at Solaris Mont Kiara. Its easy to forget Solaris Mont Kiara even exists, since everything happens at Solaris Dutamas these days, but once in awhile, its worth checking back in at KLs first Solaris & checking out whats new here.

Bon Sushi seems like a promising place, but opening-day teething problems marred this visit; still, it has potential, plus the distinction of being a Japanese restaurant thats led by a Korean chef with years of experience in the craft of sushi-making.

A meal at Bon Sushi can be a strange cross-cultural experience; a tray of Korean-style complimentary banchan small dishes might be served, but instead of kimchi & bean sprouts, what emerges can be traced mainly to the Land of The Rising Sun.

From eel to red clams & scallops, its a solid variety, well complemented by pickles.

Whats very wrong though: The sashimi platter of tuna & mackerel came out practically frozen.

The chef tried to warm it up, though in hindsight, there was no immediate way to salvage this.

He did seek to make amends with a complimentary bowl of hot udon, which tasted fine.

Chungha, a Korean substitute for sake, helped to relieve some of the tension.

Green tea works too, to wash away the rest of the stress.

G41A, Ground Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7725-5530

Bon Sushi,
First Floor, SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

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