Im Not A Chef @ Kota Damansara

September 25, 2013

Its a bit off the beaten track, but this cool cafe with a memorable name is worth visiting, thanks to the efforts of co-owners Natalie & Stef, two friends with a heart for good food & friendly service.

Homey & casual, featuring a menu of fairly familiar fare at a cheerfully cheap cost.

Nat hails from Miri, so a variation of Sarawaks kolo mee is one of the specialties here, topped with minced chicken, braised egg & sliced mushrooms. No pork, but no matter; its satisfyingly tasty nevertheless.

The noodles come with accompaniments including a nourishing soup for only RM5.50.

The menu here is a mix of both East & West; a heartily enjoyable lamb burger is available alongside everything from pancakes & omelets to paratha & black pepper udon, with many items priced under RM10.

Save space for desserts; a counter full of them includes the likes of this fresh-tasting apple pie, warmed up for sweet gratification & served with vanilla ice cream.

Red velvet, available in both in sliced cake & cupcake form.

Croissants, muffins, puffs & more; its a carb-lovers fully baked fantasy.

Carrot cakes, chocolate cakes; we only had a small taste of some of these, but we liked them.

Enough dessert porn? Yeah, thatll do. Truth to tell, we wanted to try everything.

Caffeine: Im Not A Chef offers Puro Fairtrade coffee & tea.

Not bad; probably not as flavorsome as we like our lattes, but thats our own flaw.

Im Not A Chef serves no wine, but Thai & Vietnamese beers seek to fill that void.

Im Not A Chef Cafe,
B6-2-5, Jalan Teknologi 2/1E, Signature Park, Kota Damansara.
Tel: 03-6143-7440
Open 10am-10pm, Monday-Saturday