Il Lido Malaysia

June 8, 2010

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Amuse bouche of tuna with aged balsamic vinegar. Moist and meaty.

Spinach & endive salad with golden fried egg. The highlight was the egg, which was lightly cooked and thinly battered. Break the runny yolk and spread it over the sweet red onion compote and crunchy veggies for a gorgeous-tasting salad.

Orecchiette with lamb ragout, fava beans & pecorino cheese. A hearty platter to placate both carb-lovers and carnivores. The best flavors of Italian food in one recipe.

Veal agnolotti with porcini mushrooms. Very mushy veal mousse encased in perfectly prepared pasta skin. Absolute comfort food; we could have eaten this all evening.

Duck leg confit with porcini mushrooms, shallots & port wine sauce. Not the best duck confit in town; maybe French recipes should be left to French restaurants, but the meat was a bit too stringy and the skin wasn't quite crisp enough.

Wagyu beef cheek with celeriac, glazed veggies & pancetta. Tender and tasty, though the tiny bits of cured pork left very little impression.

Creme brulee sampler: vanilla, coffee, pistachio & strawberry. We couldn't get enough of the rich, milky custard base for each of the four flavors.

Strawberry gelato & mixed berry sorbet. Fruity and frosty.

Shiraz & Valpolicella red wine.

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