Icook & Jaads

March 31, 2012

Breakfast beckons! Heading to Petaling Jaya's iCook, which recently opened a little deli-like area next to its main restaurant, & checking out Jaads Sandwiches on the same row.
Entry on iCook Italian Gastronomia's primary outlet: Oct. 16, 2011.

Nice to start the day with sunshiny eggs; this "Andiamo" Italian-style omelet, stuffed with potatoes & onions, served with sauteed mushrooms, bell pepper & salsa, won't win any awards for KL's best, but it has a homemade touch that some might enjoy.

Nutella-stuffed pancakes. A little too much dough & too little Nutella.

Brunch waffles, nicely presented, though we'd still vote for A&W's (nostalgia, maybe).

On the bright side, wine is available at 11am alongside coffee. All in all, iCook isn't a bad choice for a morning meal, especially in this neighborhood, but keep your expectations reasonable.

Icook's neighbor, Jaads Sandwiches, fares slightly less satisfyingly, unfortunately.

The satay-chicken sandwich is OK, featuring a fresh feel, but it isn't very flavorsome.

Skip the pancakes, which look & taste lackluster. Maybe we tried the wrong items here.

Tongkat Ali coffee, to keep us up & running.

iCook & Jaads,
3 Two Square, Jalan 19/1, Petaling Jaya.