I Love Croffle: Croffle Cafe, Petaling Jaya

July 23, 2021

With croffles becoming increasingly popular in the Klang Valley, I Love Croffle seeks to stamp its mark as a cafe that specialises in this mashup of croissants and waffles. 

Crafted with croissant dough crisped up in waffle makers, these croffles are firm instead of fluffy, with a relatively pronounced crust that cedes to a layered chew for pastry pleasure.

The distinctiveness of croffles is displayed through their toppings - I Love Croffle offers no fewer than six varieties in a box, currently at an introductory price of RM69 (individual croffles cost RM12 to RM15).

Sweet or savoury? I Love Croffles does both in crowd-pleasing fashion, from the Cream Cheese Strawberry Croffle to the Chicken Sausage Croffle slathered with cheese and mayo, a twist to typical high tea spreads.

For fans of fruits, the Apple Cinnamon Croffle evokes all-American apple pies, while the Lemon Croffle combines a sense of citrusy zest with the sensibilities of a sugary sauce. 

Several croffles experiment with playful combinations of ingredients, such as the Nutella Banana Croffle and the Corn Cheese Croffle. You'll also find other possibilities like Red Bean Matcha Croffles, Tiramisu Croffles, and Lotus Biscoff Croffles.

I Love Croffle / Croffle Cafe
Daily, 10am-6pm. 

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