May 19, 2011

Walk past too fast and you might not notice that this Bangsar boutique now boasts an in-house cafe that opened this month.

Wasabi macarons are the must-have. Everyone who loves wasabi's effect on sushi should adore this too _ the buttery wasabi-laced ganache is distinctively and delightfully spicy, completely complementing the macaron's sweetness. If you eat only one thing today, let this be it!

Other flavors include the more commonplace raspberry, rose, strawberry, black sesame, lemon, orange, passion fruit & mango. Certainly comparable to Nathalie's and Babycakes in most ways. Each macaron costs RM5, placing them on the high end, but they're worth it.

Nevertheless, man cannot live on macarons alone. So let us eat cake! This luscious durian cake is more than impressive, with a creamy, pulpy center and naturally stinky aroma that clearly comes from real fruit, not mere mousse. The downside: one slice costs a hefty RM16.

Chocolate fudge cake. Less memorable, but still satisfactory (especially reheated).

Peanut butter cupcake in the foreground, red velvet behind. Also among the city's best; the toppings are superbly dense and rich, while the cake base exudes the fresh feel and mouthwatering moistness that many other cupcakes lack. A fair bargain at RM6.50 each.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar,
Beatrice Looi Boutique,
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar.
Tel: 03-2201-5889