Houston Grill & Its A Grind @ Cyberjaya

July 29, 2013

Checking out a couple of Cyberjayas intriguing newbies: Houston Grill & Its A Grind.

First, Houston Grill, one of Cyberjayas increasing number of restaurants with an upmarket vibe, with a menu that comprises everything from beef ribs to gnocchi to lobster.

We headed here for the brunch selection, which features the likes of fried eggs with Hollandaise sauce & sausages (RM22 before taxes) ...

... & chunky French toast comprising both a regular rendition dipped in honey-cinnamon egg batter & served with turkey ham & beef bacon ...

... as well as a more unorthodox version (RM20) that features ciabatta slices baked with Parmesan cheese & thyme, topped with tapenade & dressed with a honey-lemon vinaigrette.

Finding wine in Cyberjaya is a needle-in-haystack struggle. But voila, heres the needle.

Houston Grill employs a professional barista, so rest assured, the coffees worthwhile.

Need more caffeine? Heres where the cutely named Its A Grind comes in.

Comfy & spacious, the kind of coffee house where we could spend hours working on our laptops. For what its worth, Cyberjayas Its A Grind is the first foreign outpost of a California-based brand.

The coffee here might sound commercialized, but the varieties are fun, spanning Madagascar vanilla lattes to white chocolate caffe mochas.

We skipped the ice-blended beverages, though we love their names, which include Java Rush, the peanut butter-laced Funky Monkey & Nutty Cookie Gnar Gnar.

Spiced chai tea lattes & peach yogurt smoothies are available for coffee-shunning customers.

Its A Grind appears to use Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee to fulfill its environmental & social responsibility policies. Beans come from Central & South America.

Cool headlines ...

... with a sly but not-exactly-subtle humor that makes us smile.

Houston Grill @ Cyberjaya

Houston Grill,
Century Square, Jalan Teknokrat 3, Cyberjaya.
Tel: 03-8320-9889
Open daily, 1130am-11pm

Its A Grind,
G03, Prima 11, Blok 3545, Jalan Teknokrat 6, Cyberjaya.
Tel: 03-8311-9488
Open daily, morning through midnight.