Hoofed @ Taman Tun

August 30, 2010

TTDI isn't exactly paradise for pork-lovers, but Hoofed could help change that.

Besides various pork-laden recipes, there's a satisfactory range of wines available here; don't bring your own, since the corkage charge is a staggering RM100 per bottle.

Siew yoke. A large portion, but it lacked the show-stopping succulence, unctuous flavor and perfect crackling that we always hope for when ordering this.

"Lam yee" fried pork belly. An addictively savory snack, thanks to the fermented bean curd batter. Surprisingly well-prepared _ crisp, piping-hot and not greasy at all.

Pork ribs. Chunky and reasonably tender, but rather uninspiring. The meat was bland and seemed less than fresh, while the cloyingly sweet sauce did it no favors.

Half-portion of suckling pig. Hearty, with crunchy skin, but very, very fatty.

De Berloti Willowglen Cabernet Merlot (Australia).

Is there room for improvement? Sure, but it's still early days. Head here if you wanna escape the crowds that throng this street's pubs. Service is sparkling, with lotsa warm smiles.

Jalan Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.