December 2, 2010

PJ Trade Centre's transformation into a hub of watering holes is hitting full throttle.

The place that's gaining buzz for now is Hex, a spacious club with warm service and a wide menu. The pork burger here is nice and juicy, loaded with melted cheese & mushrooms and accompanied by thick, freshly fried potato wedges. But in terms of taste, this could almost be mistaken for a chicken patty.

We loved the beer-roasted chicken. Meaty, tender and flavorsome enough to banish all perceptions of fowl as an inferior substitute for beef and pork.

Alas, the mushroom 'cappuccino' soup wasn't rave-worthy. Piping-hot and reasonably aromatic, but nevertheless generic.

Spicy pork sausage linguine. Too oily to love, but garlicky enough to like. Note that customers at Hex can also order food from Mayfair next door, and vice versa.

The chicken & pineapple pizza is forgettable, but it'll work fine as a stomach-filler. Best to dine here before 10pm, when the club is still playing relatively mellow music (a mixed bag from the '80s and '90s, with everything from Lionel Richie to Oasis).

Daiquiri Floridita (rum, maraschino cherry liquor, lime, sugar) & Ginger Cosmo (vodka, triple sec, curacao, ginger juice, cranberry juice, lime, orange twist). Well-priced cocktails at only around RM20, but potent enough to satisfy.

Strangely empty? Yep, the scene at 9pm, before the clubbing crowd strikes.

Hex Sonic Room,
Menara Taiko, PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana.