Heli Lounge Bar @ Menara KH, Sultan Ismail

April 18, 2013

Heli Lounge Bar isnt just another KL rooftop watering hole; customers can spend the evening sipping cocktails on the 36th-floor helicopter landing pad of Menara KH, with no walls or windows to fetter their 360-degree view of KLs skyline.

We visited on a drizzly night, so the helipad was bare; had the weather been better, chairs & tables would be spread across this area (6pm-9pm happy hours, when everyone can come up for free; beyond that, patrons might have to purchase a bottle).

The Heli Bar Lounge experience actually begins on the 34th floor below, where the main clubbing area features aviation-minded flourishes: a DJ console constructed from a Boeing-747s turbine, as well as a plane cabin seat transformed into a couch ...

... & even a propeller on the wall, a turbine table & model jets hanging from the ceiling.

The clubs cool, but the highlight remains two flights of stairs above. Watch your step!

The helipad is a fully operational one; the bar wont operate during the daytime.

Patrons prone to vertigo should avoid looking down at any stage.

Last chance to turn back; but those who do might miss out on an excellent experience.

A wide-open space, with nothing between us & the other skyscrapers but the night breeze.
See http://www.keek.com/eatdrinkkl/keeks/cQJIbab for video link.

Perfunctory bar snacks are available, but happy-hour drink deals are delicious here, with a glass of wine at RM15 nett, if memory serves us correctly ...

... as well as Mojitos & strawberry & lychee martinis at RM20 each, all pleasurably potent.

Heli Lounge Bar,
Menara KH, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2110-5034
Closed Sundays.

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