Hashtag Cafe @ Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan

July 5, 2016

Seri Kembangan may be unfamiliar territory for many of us, but restaurant hunters willing to explore this neighbourhood might like to bookmark Hashtag Cafe, where friends & families can be spotted savouring classic & contemporary Asian comfort food. It's a cosy, welcoming suburban space, ideal for taking a break from the city & hanging out over a hot, hearty meal.

The extensive menu ensures that everyone can find a recipe to enjoy - the noodles with pork fried in fermented bean curd (RM8.90) is a fuss-free, respectable introduction to Hashtag, capably executed with flavoursome noodles & suitably thick slices of meat. Its price illustrates Hashtag's commitment to affordability - nearly everything on the menu costs below RM12.

Hashtag's nasi lemak is also worthwhile, comprising all the essential components, with the highlights being the reasonably fragrant rice, a tasty sweet-spicy sambal, & a large fried chicken leg that's fleshy & juicy - certainly sufficient to satiate our cravings for Malaysia's national dish (RM11.50). If you're a curry enthusiast, you can also order a nasi lemak with mutton curry.

Hashtag's kitchen is creative enough to infuse a few surprising twists into its fare - this reinterpretation of the Caesar salad is unlike any we've ever had; unconventional components like slickly sauced slices of BBQ chicken, crackers, tomatoes & seaweed strips supply a robust punch with somewhat Oriental dynamics, making this potentially an acquired taste (RM10.90).

Various wraps are also available - this one combines Malaysian & Korean elements, using roti canai to roll up a bulgogi-inspired stuffing of beef brisket that's pretty tasty & fun to munch on (RM9.90). You'll also find other wraps with fillings like crab sticks with avocado or scrambled egg & cheese.

Lots of other offerings to try - scallion pancakes, prepared fresh to order (RM5.90), chicken chops, a pork burger, prawn dumplings, seafood tofu, fried chicken wings with wasabi sauce, udon with fish, beef bibimbap, curry noodles; it's easy to see why Hashtag manages to keep local residents coming back, since there'll always be something different to sample.

Hashtag's desserts & drinks showcase inspiration from Taiwan - the aiyu jelly (RM6.90) works well as an after-meal refreshment, while the beverages are also distinctive, made partly with ingredients imported from Taiwan, as well as boba that's made fresh daily at the cafe. The list is lengthy, including a variety of milk teas (with grass jelly or pudding), three-layer matcha, wintermelon mousse tea, passion fruit red tea, honeydew green tea, plum ice blended, kumquat lemon juice, lavender petal tea, & much, much more, costing between RM4.90 & RM9.90. Many thanks to the Hashtag team for having us here.

Hashtag Cafe
5-2 Jalan BS 4/2, Sekeyen 4 Taman Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan. 
Open Thursday-Tuesday, 11am-10pm (closed Wednesdays). Tel: 03-8959-5897
Follow Hashtag Cafe for news & promotions: www.facebook.com/hashtagrestaurant