Happyman Bake's, Cheras

August 4, 2021

If baked treats bring you bliss, Happyman Bake's might make your mornings merrier.

Its oat-and-rye sourdough loaves are comfortingly soft and supple, perfect for patrons who shun crustier, chewier bread. A RM20 loaf yields nearly 20 slices, easily sufficient for a family breakfast.

Have it with Happyman's house-made pistachio spread, a distinctive substitute for peanut butter, sumptuously creamy and rich-textured, sweetly nutty rather than savoury (RM45).

Pastries span vanilla custard creme bomboloni, sugary-doughy outside and lusciously stuffed within, channelling= childhood memories of cafeteria buns (RM7), and pain au sea salt chocolat, flaky-crisp and buttery, with that sensuously dark, decadent core of melted chocolate (RM10).

Happyman Bake's

9, Lorong Jintan 2, Taman Supreme, 56100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 019-930-0727


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