Hakka Passion

February 15, 2011

Puchong has become a real hive for Hakka cuisine, but this one casts its net slightly wider, offering a more diverse sampling of Chinese fare.

We were surprised by a strange set of sweets for our complimentary appetizers, including tiny oranges, pineapple tarts and chocolate chip cookies.

Poon choi was a highlight; this 'big bowl feast' _ costing 300 ringgit _ featured prawns, abalone slices, fish maw, scallops, pork belly, steamed chicken, roasted duck, mushrooms, broccoli, bean curd and lettuce, all mingling together in a piping-hot, pleasantly savory broth.

We also loved the fried glutinous rice with waxed meat & liver sausages imported from Hong Kong. Addictively aromatic.

Chinese New Year is nearly over, but here's a parting shot of one of the final yee sangs we'll have until 2012 (it won't be long until the Year of the Dragon storms in).

The obligatory "four seasons" platter. Not bad; our favorite item was some deep-fried fish paste rolls with salted egg yolk and cream sauce.

Steamed red snapper. Firm and fairly fresh; no complaints here.

Herbal chicken. Fragrant and reasonably tender, but far from unforgettable.

Butter prawns. Not as plump and juicy as we like 'em.

Red rice wine mee suah. Still haven't found a version of this that I really like yet; maybe it's a taste that I'll never acquire.

Pennywort jelly. Recommended if you're hoping to avoid sugar overdoses.

One of those warm dessert broths with names like "eight treasure soup," comprising a medley of glutinous rice balls, crunchy nuts & medicinal herbs.

Hakka sticky sweet cakes with coconut. Stuffed yet? We were.

Hakka Passion,
Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong.