Gyukingu @ Kota Damansara

October 30, 2013

Gyukingu claims its the best yakiniku restaurant in town. That could be true.

Dont be cowed by the thought of braving traffic to Kota Damansara, not when whats waiting at the finish line is a fine feast of brilliant beef.

Gyukingus piece de resistance: Miyazaki & Saga beef, not for the fat-fearing.

Magnificently marbled Miyazaki, possibly the ultimate in Wagyu beef; a 200-gram slab of supreme succulence could set customers back by RM600. Legend says its hand-carried here from the Land of the Rising Sun with certificates to prove its provenance.

Extremely rich; even two small slices, grilled lightly & lovingly, might prove sufficient.

Alternatively, try Saga beef, cheaper by about half but still about RM150 per 100 grams. Both Miyazaki & Saga beef are named after the Japanese prefectures where the cattle is raised.

By comparison, regular cuts of non-Miyazaki, non-Saga beef look nearly fat-starved.

Plenty of fat dripping on the coals below equals lots of flames shooting high; watch your fingers!

Its DIY at Gyukingu, but the efficiently friendly service team can help out, no problem.

Mercifully, theres more to this restaurant, which opened this year, than budget-busting beef; recommendations for a bill below RM60 per person include ...

... ox tongue, thick & floppy ...

... as well as pork tongue, relatively diminutive & springier.

Grill them side-by-side & eat them one after the other for a fun comparison.

Okinawan-bred pork is also available here, mistakable for the tastiest, sweetest Iberico.

Some items require advance orders; the sumptuous, savory pork rib is worth the effort (special thanks to Kelvin for not only pointing out this place to us but also letting us know what to try).

Finally, some of the biggest, baddest oysters in the Klang Valley. We wouldnt have guessed where theyre from: Penang. Gyukingu really is a restaurant thats full of pleasant surprises.

The formula for being forced to call into work sick the next day (though fortunately, we were already going to be on leave).

A bottle of wine & another of shochu, combined with what seemed like half a cow in our stomachs, proved enough to subsequently keep us in bed for several more hours than usual.

"Its more than a meal, its an experience" is Gyukingus tagline. Again, they might be right.

28-2, Jalan PJU 5/17, Kota Damansara.
Tel: 03-6143-7750

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