Golden Bird's Nest Malaysia

November 28, 2016

When we were kids, edible bird's nest sounded like a magical elixir, with trusted traditionalists championing the consumption of bird's nest soups to boost vitality, speed up healing, maintain youthfulness & enhance the complexion. But until recent years, bird's nest products often seemed elusive, in terms of both cost & availability. So it was a pleasure this month to sample the signature offering of Golden Bird's Nest, a new Malaysian purveyor of quality bird's nest beverages, delivered to your doorstep.

These are jars of pure, nourishing goodness, homemade with plenty of care, relying on double-boiled premium bird's nests, bottled fresh in small batches daily, free of preservatives, chemicals, bleaches, artificial flavours or colouring. You'll receive them chilled in a box, ready to drink. We liked them a lot - an ideal refreshment for eat-clean enthusiasts, buoyed by a smooth, delicate texture from the gelatinous strands of bird's nest & an uplifting natural sweetness from organic sugarcane extract. 

We'd happily sip on these tonics regularly even without the prized health benefits; rich in protein & calcium, these are great for kids & adults alike. Delivery is now available throughout peninsular Malaysia - contact Golden Bird's Nest at 6019-366-5555 for details. A box of six bottles costs RM180, while a dozen bottles are RM360. Our thanks to Golden Bird's Nest for the sampling.

Golden Bird's Nest