Going strong for 16 years, Hyderabad Recipes serves soulful biryani, hearty seekh kebab & much more in downtown KL

December 7, 2023



Going strong for nearly two decades now, Hyderabad Recipes promises soulful satisfaction in its hearty Indian fare, spanning Special Biryani to Hyderabad Seekh Kebab, plus classic crowd favourites such as Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer and a variety of Naan.

If you're craving reliable Indian cooking in downtown KL, timelessly rooted in tradition, fragrant with fresh, full-bodied flavours, Hyderabad Recipes is your best bet, enduring on Jalan Putra since 2007, with a newer outlet in Ipoh.

Fun fact: Hyderabad Recipes' chefs hail from India's southern city of Hyderabad or were trained by other chefs from Hyderabad, striving to replicate the taste of Hyderabad precisely with a skilled use of herbs, spices and natural produce.

Hyderabad Recipes' repertoire is wide-ranging, requiring multiple visits to explore.

Start with the Special Biryani (RM42.50) - this Hyderabad-style dum biryani features rice prepared with layers of chicken and lamb. The protein forms the foundation, heating up while cooking to steam through the higher levels of saffron-laced grains - the result is a captivatingly cohesive biryani, where flavours come together in perfect harmony.

We love the impressive tenderness of the chicken and lamb, a mouthwatering match for the extra-aromatic rice. This truly hits the spot for biryani buffs.

The Special Biryani is ideal for two persons to share, strikingly served on the plate, rounded out with Indian yogurt raita and a mirch-ka-salan sauce of blended coconut, sesame seeds and peanuts, balancing out the biryani's intrinsic spices.

The Hyderabad Seekh Kebab (RM24.10) comes in a choice of chicken or mutton - a rich protein powerhouse of moist, bone-free meat, meticulously shaped and marinated with cheese, ghee, garam masala, cumin and other spices, sultrily cooked in a tandoor oven.

Other recommendations include Butter Chicken Boneless, featuring slices of meat marinated in yogurt and spices, cooked in tomato puree and cream, luxurious-textured without being cloyingly sweet (RM20.40), and Palak Paneer, with Hyderabad Recipes' own-made cottage cheese, fresh, clean-tasting and not rubbery, comfortingly cooked in spinach puree (RM19.60).

For nutritious fibre, chomp on the Crispy Corn Chilli Pepper, corn kernels fuelled by the pleasurable heat of chilli peppers (RM21.90), and Bhindi Fry, lending crunch to the meal with lovely ladies' fingers, tossed in a fiery wok (RM19.60).

Complete your Hyderabad Recipes experience with the Assorted Bread Basket (RM33), brimming with the restaurant's bestsellers of plain naan, butter naan, cheese naan, garlic cheese naan, raisin-studded Kashmiri naan and tandoori roti. Chapathi, paratha and other bread is also available a la carte.

Mango Lassi (RM12) offers luscious, cooling refreshment - the mangoes taste ripe and nectarous, with soft chunks of mango blended with house-strained curd.

Hyderabad Recipe’s House
78-1, Jalan Putra, 50350 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Daily, 10am-12am. 
Tel: Tel: 03-4044-7786

Hyderabad Recipes in Ipoh:
34, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.