Go Gourmet

November 4, 2010

With its own Bangsar-based kitchen that stays open everyday from morning to night, the newly launched Go Gourmet food delivery service _ which dubs itself "The Tapau Experts" _ could become the go-to choice for folks who want a wide selection of well-prepared, well-priced dishes dispatched to their doorsteps.

Several chefs are in charge of Go Gourmet's various cuisines to keep standards high. From the Japanese section, the unagi handrolls tasted as respectable as the ones at real restaurants. Customers can order through a website or by phone in an efficient process; we received our food in downtown KL within the hour, without any first-day teething troubles.

From the Italian & Western range, we skipped the pastas, pizzas & sandwiches (though some of them sounded enticing) and opted for an excellent goat cheese salad. Lots of tantalizingly gooey cheese with crisp leaves, pine nuts, tomatoes & honey mustard sauce.

Noteworthy among the Chinese offerings: aromatic crispy duck with pancakes. Go Gourmet delivers extensively _ everywhere from KLCC to Kuchai Lama, from TTDI to Taman TAR. For many of us, this means we either live or work at an address covered by the service.

Our Indian choice was the charcoal tandoori-cooked king prawn sashlik _ reasonably plump, smoky crustaceans. Cold and hot food are stored in separate compartments during delivery, so everything remains at acceptable temperatures, with no reheating required.

Finally, a Thai temptation _ fried garoupa with southern Thai "chu chee" red curry sauce & lime leaves. Meaty, tender fish with crunchy bones, deliciously drenched in a thick, savory sauce that wasn't too spicy (phew!). Addictive, even without rice.

Go Gourmet also sells wine, but this was our own Famille Castel Merlot (2009).

Go Gourmet.
Website: www.gogourmet.com.my
Tel: 1300-88-44-66