Garage 51 by Coffee Societe @ Bandar Sunway

September 17, 2013

The caffeine czars of Solaris Dutamas CoffeeSociete have branched out to Bandar Sunway, unveiling a spin-off that brings another slice of Melbourne-flavored cafe culture to our suburbs.

Standing out on a street of auto workshops, Garage 51 hums with positive energy & friendliness, its exterior made striking with a wall splashed with fever-dream artwork (think Hosier Lane graffiti) & its interior a hive of funky flourishes (check out the oil-drums-turned-furniture).

The menus made for brunching; this baked egg helps to brighten up our public holiday, served with sliced (chicken) chipolata, capsicum, cream & zucchini, veering toward extra-cheesy with parmesan & mozzarella. RM22+, perhaps a pinch pricier than expected.

Smoked salmon with avocado, salsa & cream cheese, sandwiched in a fluffy bagel (RM26+), providing a pleasant half-pound or so of fresh-tasting, finely balanced nutrition. 

Honey muesli with walnuts & the perfect poached pear, sweetly ripe & soft without being mushy. RM20+; portions here seem suitable for folks wary of heavy meals.

Desserts take the familiar route trodden by many a purveyor of carrot & red velvet cakes.

No complaints about the Societe house blend; the latte (RM8.90+) works well, with a nod to those of us who like our beverages a little milkier than most.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe single-origin specialty coffees available too this week. RM15+.

 It feels petty to mention teething issues, since everything will likely be rectified soon, but for now, note that Garage 51s air-conditioning isnt robust enough to counter the afternoon heat, exacerbated by a few flies that might trouble the table.

 Still, were optimistic about this venue; its close enough to Sunway University that it could become predominantly a college-kid hangout (though some might balk at the food prices here), but with a little fine-tuning, Garage 51 has broad-appeal potential aplenty.

Garage 51,
51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway.
Open 11am-11pm

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