Fowlboys KL

September 1, 2020

This could be our favourite fried chicken sandwich in KL: Fowlboys offers deliveries and pop-ups for what feels like the perfect formula for pure poultry pleasure.

Buttermilk-fried chicken thighs, cooked in small batches, laced with your preferred level of heat, stuffed into fluffy, lightly flavoursome potato buns, layered with the right proportion of sauces and toppings - every component tastes impressive on its own and even better with each other. 

The chicken is fresh, succulent and superbly seasoned, chunky with a crunchy-craggy coating. Customers have a choice of Neat, Mild, Hot or Xtra Hot for the spice - Mild is ideal for most of us, packing sufficient firepower to fan a friendly flame, while Hot is stinging, nearly overwhelming the chicken with intense, guns-blazing chillies.

The Motherclucker (RM18) piles the meat with garlic mayo, jalapeno slaw and a 'fowl jam' of tomatoes and peppers. We tried this straight from the deep-fryer at one of Fowlboys' recent pop-ups in a cafe, so our only worry is it'll lose a little of its lustre after a 30-minute delivery - but it should still be an extremely enjoyable chicken sandwich.

Batter Up (RM15), a classic chicken-and-waffles combo, is also easy to recommend, with the kind of capable, confident execution that makes us wish there were a Fowlboys joint in our neighbourhood. The Chickbits (RM10), popcorn-style chicken with spicy mayo sauce, makes for a fun, can't-stop-munching snack.

Order at fowlboyskl.com - delivery hours are Monday-Friday, 12pm-8pm.

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