Four Seas @ Bangkung

August 6, 2010

Another round to check out more of the seafood and desserts here.
Click here for earlier entry on Four Seas (August 4).

Coffin Bay oysters with miso & ginger. Skipping this outlet's oysters is unthinkable. Reasonably priced at RM9.90 each, these are among the best in town.

Charcoal-grilled flower crabs, also fresh from the aquarium. These, on the other hand, seemed costly at about RM150 for two. Had a pleasantly smoky flavor though.
(NB: Four Seas contacted us later to inform us that they had accidentally overcharged us for these. These crabs were actually RM12 per 100 grams, so they should cost less than RM50)

Aussie mussels, cooked with white wine, herbs, braised onions & garlic confit. Nice and juicy, pretty much as expected. The accompaniment of fried mantao was ideal for dipping.

Pan-fried grouper with Israeli cous-cous salad & beurre blanc. Could easily have been a boring fish dish (grouper ... yawn, right?), but turned out to be an excellent ensemble of tastes and textures. A little creativity can go a long way!

Oven-baked whole baby barramundi stuffed with lemon & herbs, buttered asparagus, baby corn & chili oil. A firm, fleshy fish, with a straight-out-of-the-water flavor.

Yin Yang creme brulee (half chocolate, half banana _ both flavors were unmistakably strong). Tantalizing in its uniqueness, though it lacked the caramelized crust that some insist on.

Valrhona chocolate mousse with marmalade, fresh cream & candied basil. Thick but somehow still soft and light; how was that even possible? Desserts here can taste rather rich, so it kinda helps that the portions are pretty petite.

Four Seas Seafood & Grill,
Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar.
Tel: 2092-1222