Foodtique @ Bangsar & Chang Xian @ Solaris Dutamas

September 5, 2013

Scrounging for satisfying Chinese cooking? Here are two fresh possibilities: Foodtique, which opened this month at Bangsar, & Chang Xian, one of Solaris Dutamas more recent additions.

Foodtiques one of the most eye-pleasing new eateries to populate Telawi this year; sure, some folks might insist that only the taste of food should matter at a restaurant, but thats a sad repudiation of the importance of sight & our other senses in creating a well-rounded experience.

Luscious, crispy-skin goose, gorgeously roasted & dripping in savory juices, RM75 for a substantial cross-section of dark meat. Foodtique is run by the folks behind Empire Gallerys Four Seasons, so theres lots of fowl play here, from aromatic duck to steamed chicken.

Foodtique is a no-pork outlet; some people will whine about the absence of siu yok & char siu, but its still reassuring to welcome a new Chinese outlet to this neighborhood following the recent demise of Bangsar Villages Reunion. Wine is expected to be offered eventually.

Foodtique kowtows to fusion flavors here & there; this fried rice with foie gras, smoked duck & tobiko flying fish roe (RM20) is fairly fun. Customers can also sample recipes such as salads of soft-shell crab with avocado or salmon with rocket leaves.

If you enjoyed learning about Foodtique in this entry, please remember to return to this site on Oct. 1, when we unveil "Eat Drink KL: 100F," the next stage in this blogs evolution, comprising a new resource that we hope this citys restaurant lovers will support; itll be free of charge, but itll require a substantial readership in order to become sustainable.

Next up, for rainy-night comfort: Chang Xian, which is flying under the radar in Solaris Dutamas.

Chang Xian puts plenty of stock in its steamboat soups: Choose from the likes of the lamb-heavy signature broth, flooded with the meatiest of flavors ...

... or herbal shark bone (not fins), peppery pork belly, bitter gourd, white fungus & more. Mostly RM4 before taxes for unlimited servings.

Pork pleasure: Kidneys, small intestines, liver & abdomen, about RM5 per plate ...

... with skin & blood. No part is wasted or too weird for this steamboat selection.

Chicken in Chinese wine (RM8), the top pick in the poultry section.

Squid tentacles (RM5); the seafood selection includes scallops, oysters & clams.

Seaweed strips & coriander leaves help bring some green into our lives.

Cant skip the eggs, century, quail & hens, all equally a pleasure.

Delicious? Definitely. We should do steamboats more often, maybe.

Chang Xians house-made sauces are nice too, though certainly on the spicy side.

Hurray! No corkage charge; buy a bottle at Bens Independent Grocer to bring here.

Telawi Square, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Beside Tous Les Jours.
Open daily, morning through night.

Chang Xian,
A2-G1-8, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Same row as Ante & Pappa Rich.
Tel: 03-6206-3928