Food Galleria

May 27, 2011

A hospital cafeteria that supplies a smorgasbord of recipes from multiple continents.

Australian sirloin beef roulade. Succulent meat, stuffed with springy mushrooms and partnered with fresh spinach. Not just another meat-&-potatoes dish.

African casserole of chicken in coconut curry with pita bread. Not spicy, but stunningly creamy. Hospital food need not be bland (though it's unlikely this would be served to patients).

Baked salmon on citrus pumpkin mash with Thai basil salsa. A healthier option; the salmon was perfect, retaining its full moisture and flavor. We also loved the subtly sweet pumpkin mash _ a pleasant change from run-of-the-mill mashed potatoes.

Mexican sopa de arbondigas. Tasted like minestrone soup, but with the addition of rustic-looking braised beef balls. Prices here are reasonable; a filling meal can be had for below RM40.

Louisiana Creole seafood jambalaya. This mound of not-too-mushy rice, laced with prawns & squid and scented with saffron & tomato, should satisfy carb cravings.

Grilled lamb chops with Greek eggplant moussaka, twice-cooked potatoes & mint balsamic. Hearty, but the meat was gamy and fatty. Last orders are before 8.30pm, so come early.

Cosmotail (cranberries, peach, grenadine) & Mango-licious (mango, milk & yogurt smoothie). Alas, no alcohol is available (no surprise, right?).

Food Galleria,
Prince Court Medical Centre, Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur.