November 16, 2010

England, Part II: Jamie Oliver's flagship restaurant offers apprenticeship schemes to young people between the age of 18 and 24 to help them acquire career skills in the food business.

Fifteen features a breezy, inviting interior that would be a probable hit if transplanted into Malaysia. The outlet's name is a reference to the first 15 kids who took part in the apprenticeship project when it was launched in 2002.

We were here for breakfast, so the must-order was Jamie's signature recipe of pukkola muesli, with rolled oats, nuts, fruits & honey. Seemed healthy and well-prepared, though it wasn't terribly memorable in either taste or texture.

Kenny's Pancake, with baked cannellini beans, wild rocket & parmesan (Kenny is Fifteen's head baker). Perhaps we prefer our pancakes fluffier; this was somewhat dense, like a cross between cake and bread, with savory but unspectacular toppings.

The "ultimate breakfast sarnie," a porky pleasure featuring a large muffin stuffed with sweet cured bacon, Cumberland sausages & scrambled eggs. But it might be better to visit this place for lunch or dinner, when more ambitious dishes are available.

Isle of Wight tomato juice & grapefruit juice. No booze? Maybe we were hung over.

Westland Place, London.