Fahrenheit 600 @ Solaris Dutamas & Royal Post @ Damansara Intan

March 14, 2013

Themed eateries can be cool to check out: Heres a look at Fahrenheit 600, an up-&-coming pizza parlor in Solaris Dutamas, & Royal Post, a Damansara Intan coffee hub thats a love letter to mailmen whove become a little less relevant in the Internet era.

First up, Fahrenheit 600, an easy-on-the-eyes nook with elegantly nostalgic Elvis portraits & colorful, humor-laden posters on its walls.

Fahrenheit 600s oven is now being flown in from the U.S., so pizzas & hot food will be served by months end; for now, customers can munch on massive macarons ... 

... custard-filled choux pastry, chocolate cakes, cookies, fruit tarts & other sweet treats while sipping tea & caffe lattes.

"Pizza without boundaries" is the catchphrase here. Sound promising? For sure.

Fahrenheit 600 is located below The Red Beanbag, near Publikas open square.

Next up, Royal Post, a weekdays-only cafe that caters to Damansara Intans office workers.

Crimson & black postboxes line the walls & solicit tips at the bread counter ...

... while a package-loaded bicycle hearkens back to times when wed wait for the inimitable ring of our friendly neighborhood couriers.

Freshly baked focaccia & ciabatta form an incentive to visit; Royal Posts kitchen closes by 4pm, so folks who come late wont find sandwiches filled with the likes of honey-cured chicken ham, turkey breast & pesto sauce.

Cakes remain available through 7pm. Try one with hazelnut praline mousse on a feuillentine base ...

... or the densely creamy, desirably flavorsome cheesecake on an Oreo cookie base.

Cant resist cupcakes; this creation, laced with green apple slices, is worth the calories.

Caveat: Royal Posts coffee leans toward forgettable, as does its hot chocolate.

All things considered, an OK stop for folks in this neighborhood of commercial complexes.

Fahrenheit 600 Pizzas,
A4-G2-05, Solaris Dutamas (not exactly Publika), Kuala Lumpur.
Royal Post,
Ground Floor, Block C, Damansara Intan, Petaling Jaya.

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