Fa Ying by Rama V @ Paradigm Mall

November 19, 2012

Fa-Ying, Rama V's second foray into the suburbs this year, serves Thai tapas & fusion fare in its bid to become one of Paradigm Mall's most enticing eateries.

Launched over the weekend, Fa-Ying features a menu that remains a work in progress, but expect everything from Thai spicy beef tortillas to fishcake burgers & Caesar salad with crispy catfish in the weeks ahead.

Tapas top the selection; customers can nibble on rice paper rolls stuffed with roast duck & veggies (RM15++; might be better with more meat), crunchy rice cakes with minced chicken, or even French fries partnered with Thai dipping sauce.

Barbecued skewers are another highlight; lamb satay (RM20++) is worth the munch, thanks partly to the accompanying secret-recipe gravy that tastes like it's part peanut, part peri-peri.

Watermelon salad (RM12++), unexpectedly fiery, with some elements of 'som tam.' 

Fa-Ying's menu calls this Thai roasted pumpkin soup (RM16++); it tastes nice enough but we can't tell what makes this Thai. Fa-Ying's staff is well-meaning but seems unequipped to explain the food _ a problem for a place where patrons will ask questions.

Customers seeking regular Thai recipes, like what Rama V's main Tun Razak outlet & Khao outpost in Setia City Mall offer, can order seafood fried rice with one prawn & several slices of squid (RM20++), plus pad thai, pomelo salad & lychee duck curry.

Creative cocktails: Try the Tom Yam Thai (we had to borrow the bartender's notes to learn that this comprises white rum, malibu, sugar syrup, kaffir lime leaves & chilies).

Sex on Koh Phi Phi Beach (vodka, midori, cranberry & pineapple juice, lemongrass).

Plenty of potential; once the teething troubles are wiped out (fix the air-conditioning, chase the mosquitoes away), Fa-Ying will likely become a respected name that'll bring pride to Rama V.

Fa-Ying means "celestial princess." Or something to that effect. Definitely worth a visit.

Fa-Ying By Rama V,
Boulevard, Paradigm Mall (opposite Bulgogi Brothers).

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