F4 Fish Head & Brother Yat @ Subang

December 30, 2012

Deep within factory-filled Subang, two warehouse-like restaurants have cultivated loyal followings.

First up, F4 Fish Head, where the specialty is self-explanatory. We like it steamed with ginger, served satisfyingly fresh & surprisingly fleshy.

Herbal chicken, a tender winner at this breezy outlet that's more comfortable than expected.

Salted egg yolk squid, the tastiest version we've had in ages. Fabulous flavor, slightly sweet.

A crowd-pleasing classic: Pork belly with salted fish in claypot, steaming-hot & savory.

Seafood tofu, recommended for folks who like this soft instead of firm.

Sweet potato leaves, as good as it gets. Total cost: RM140, a reasonable bill to foot.

Scarcely a thirty-second drive from F4, here's Brother Yat, a more modestly sized eatery.

Brother Yat's beer-cooked "sauna prawns" are the signature recipe here.

Succulent & remarkably flavorsome, costing below RM50 per half-kilogram.

Pork knuckle in "Mongolian" brown gravy. Meaty where it must be, comprising plenty of parts that cater to both fat-seeking & crispness-craving customers.

Tea-smoked chicken. Not bad, but in the battle of the fowl, we think F4's herbal one triumphs.

In the clash of seafood tofu though, Brother Yat's fried one might prove the victor.

Stir-fried veggies with some crunchy, root-like fibers. Addictive, almost.

Spinach soup & two-style kai lan to wrap up a meal that merits its RM160 price tag.

F4 Fish Head @ Subang

Brother Yat @ Subang

F4 Fish Head & Brother Yat,
Jalan Subang 4, Subang Jaya.