Enak: MIGF @ Starhill Feast Gallery Kuala Lumpur

October 9, 2009

Sit back on the bean bag chairs, then enjoy Enak's lovely setting and stellar service. The MIGF menu here costs RM145++ for five courses without booze.

Udang Kepompong Seri Selasih (chrysalis prawns wrapped in wonton skin cocoon with finely chopped fresh basil). Fresh and crispy; tasted kinda Oriental though.

Sup Ekor Kasturi (oxtail soup with a squeeze of calamansi juice). Decent, but you might find a more flavour-packed version at some neighbourhood warung.

Asam Pedas Chenohnom Bunga Kantan (baked salmon in a traditional southern recipe with laksa leaf and chopped wild ginger torch bud). Not quite successful; this preparation turned the salmon into something that tasted like the tenggiri curry at mamak outlets.

Gulai Ayam Cendawan Sisik (grilled chicken with ground spice gravy and forest mushrooms sauteed with wild fern shoots and garlic). Despite the rather Western presentation, this tasted totally local, bursting with all the aromas associated with Malay cuisine.

Sri Anta Kesuma (sweet potato and pumpkin seeped in coconut milk). Well-prepared comfort food, though not exactly unforgettable.

Pineapple Ambrosia mocktail, Bloody Mary cocktail and KL Life cocktail (cherry syrup, ginger ale, pineapple juice, triple sec, whiskey).

Enak KL,
Starhill Feast Gallery.